Contract R&D, testing and analyses

SWD Connectors has direct and indirect access to land-based and offshore research facilities and dedicated technicians. As a result, we have the capacity to address your specific research questions related to propagation, growth, cultivation and bioprocessing of seaweeds. We can also support your work through a variety of data analyses ranging from water and nutrients to seaweed composition.

Typical analytical assessments include, but are not limited to:

  • Biological tests
  • Seaweed quality
  • Seaweed composition

Biological tests

  • Genotype
  • Seaweed health and fertility tests

Seaweed quality

  • Seaweed contaminants analyses
  • Crop and harvest inspections on site
  • GMP+ International certification scheme
  • HACCP certifications

Seaweed composition

  • Seaweed proteins, fat, carbohydrates (i.e., alginates / fucoidan / carrageenan / agar and alike) and minerals across production or processing.
  • Seaweed compounds related to feed safety and animal feed diets.
  • Seaweed compounds related to food safety and human diets.
  • Seaweed fermentation
  • Seaweeds as a starting material for bioplastics