Seaweed processing & biorefinery

Preparing and Processing seaweed will start after harvesting. However the best value extraction during processing is only possible if processing is integrated part of farming activities. The SWD Connectors team has experience with several approaches to processing at a small or large scale. SWD Connectors can advise you on basic technologies like washing, shredding, drying and ensiling. SWD Connectors embraces a bioprocessing approach – which represents one of the core-competencies of the SWD Connectors team. Extracting valuable compounds from various types of seaweeds has the opportunity to open-up new pathways to making your business more profitable.


One of the first steps in seaweed processing is to remove ‘’unwanted’’ elements from the crop. Several cleaning techniques can be applied depending on the desired end product.


The manner in which the biomass is cut into smaller pieces can also substantially affect the value of the end product.


Drying is an expensive energy intensive step and a poorly understood aspect of processing. Drying can damage the required value seaweed constituents and as such needs to get attention to capture the maximum attainable sustainable value.


An affordable and effective method for bringing seaweed into a storage stable state is through acidification (ensiling). This process reduces the pH of the seaweed biomass to the extent to which the material is less attractive to microbial digestion.

Enzymatic hydrolysis

Selective enzymatic hydrolysis of seaweed as biomass is a perfect tool to capture the largest value constituents in seaweeds. An enzyme toolbox and experience how to use them is widely used in many types of processes with virtually all biomasses types. Next step is seaweed.


This technology utilizes microbes that are able to digest the biomass and, in doing so, convert seaweed components in new added value products. This methodology could be particularly useful in the context of Biopolymers (bioplastics), as well as production of Bioethanol or Biogas and as such aiming for a 0-waste operation.

In-line analytics

In order to optimize seaweed processing, the SWD Connectors can advise you on in-line analytics required to monitor what fraction of value might be recovered through processing.

Food / Feed / cosmetic and alike specification analysis

The SWD Connectors team maintains a wealth of experience and understanding as to the regulatory and approval/permitting requirements for seaweed products (i.e., a novel food dossier for your products). Armed with this understanding, the SWD Connectors can help advise you as to how best to capitalize on ‘’commercial’’ routes for your products.