Legislation and certification

For most authorities or regulatory agencies in Western countries, seaweed cultivation is a relatively new form of biomass production. In recent years, national and EU politicians have become interested in supporting the development of a seaweed industry. In an effort to encourage the technical and business development required to catapult the industry into its next phase of development, the EU offers subsidies to individuals interested in the innovative form of biomass production. Nevertheless, scaling the seaweed cultivation industry will require additional legislation related to permitting, infrastructure specifications and monitoring requirements – among a host of other relevant adjustments.


SWD Connectors is available to assist the industry and relevant authorities or politicians as we collectively work to understand the risks, ecological impacts and potential site selection constraints associated with seaweed cultivation.

National legislation

We are connected to national specialists in many countries who can advise on the latest developments in local legislation with respect to aquaculture and, more specifically, seaweed farming.


Securing product certification for food and/or feed applications is critically important for any starting or progressed seaweed farmer or processor. The SWD Connectors understand what is needed to build out a certified production chain and can help translate that information into your business models. Additionally, we can engage other relevant institutions to collect the right documentation in such a way as to avoid any delays in the regulatory certificate review process.