General seaweed assistance

SWD Connectors is a highly experienced team of seaweed experts from around the world that can help you understand and capitalize on all aspects of the seaweed value chain. We will happy and honoured introduce you to the world of the seaweed industry. Our knowhow includes o.a. farming, propagation, seeding, harvesting, (pre-)processing, mechanisation, sensing technology, etc. SWD Connectors also provides support and guidance with respect to subsidies & grants, legislation and regulatory requirements. Last but not least we know the seaweed industry very well and can supply you with all kinds of products and consumables related to seaweeds. We can also connect you to people and organisations across the whole seaweed value chain, including project partners, academic representatives, NGO’s, equipment suppliers, potential customers, seaweed producers, processing companies etc.

If it is about seaweeds, let’s connect!