Seaweed farming

The SWD Connectors team has decades of experience in building and running small- and large-scale seaweed farms across the world. Together with you or selected preferred partners, we can help design, build and/or run your seaweed farm in an efficient and sustainable way:

  • Site selection
  • Apply for permits
  • Farm design
  • Farm installation
  • Mechanization
  • Supply of consumables
  • Training
  • Outsourcing of technical staff

Site selection

Determining an optimal farm location is a complex process that incorporates a variety of environmental, social and economic factors. Given our international seaweed farming experience, SWD Connectors is well positioned to help select cultivation sites.

Apply for permits

Permit applications are often extended, time intensive, and costly processes. SWD Connectors can help expedite the permitting process by capitalizing on our previous understanding of major agency bottlenecks and required documents.

Farm design

Farm design takes into account a variety of factors – including location and local conditions, the desired species and budgetary constraints. By taking all of these aspects into account, SWD Connectors has the ability to design and optimize cultivation systems.

Farm installation

In collaboration with partners, SWD Connectors can install the farm at a selected cultivation site.


SWD Connectors offers solutions to mechanize and automate seeding, harvesting and processing activities.

Supply of consumables

SWD Connectors can supply an array of consumables necessary to run a seaweed farm, such as juveniles, seeding twines, and ropes.


SWD Connectors offers turnkey technical trainings to ensure that interested individuals and organizations have the tools and skills they need in order to successfully cultivate seaweeds.

Outsourcing of technical staff

SWD Connectors outsources technical staff to help you run your seaweed farm for short or longer periods of time.

Don’t take any risks when building and running your seaweed farm. Rely on our decades of experience!