Business development and (socio-)economic aspects

Realizing the full benefits of seaweed cultivation requires a delicate balance between environmental health, socio-economic advancement and profitability. Although SWD Connectors maintains a business-oriented mindset, we understand and respect the need to manage our ocean and sea space in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. Over the past few decades, the SWD Connectors team has immersed us in a broad array of topics that will allow others to balance people, planet and profit while cultivating seaweed.

Business plan

We will happily advise on and/or develop a comprehensive business plan ready to present to investors.

Economic benefit

The SWD Connectors can support interested individuals or companies in valuing the economic benefits that stem from the seaweed value chain (i.e. from seeding to preliminary processing).

Economic activities

Our team is well-connected throughout the international community and is thus uniquely positioned to get you in touch with individuals interested in seaweed or seaweed-based products. In that same vein, the SWD Connectors will help build the value of the seaweed cultivation industry by connecting investors, foundations and product buyers with local producers.

Social benefits

The seaweed farming value chain will affect the life and community of people in coastal regions. As a result, all seaweed cultivation projects must carry social license within the community in order to be successful. The SWD Connectors team maintains a broad array of expertise and experience from around the world as to how best to educate and engage local communities in seaweed cultivation initiatives.

Social Activities

To realize the full benefit of seaweed farming, local community members must be engaged early and intentionally. Doing so will lay the framework for the community to continue the environmentally sustainable practice after project completion.

Environmental benefit

Seaweed farming and processing can have numerous benefits for mother earth. Even so, there still needs to be a rigorous assessment of the seaweed production value chain in order to ensure that all aspects of seaweed cultivation are environmentally responsible.

Balancing the effects

The SWD Connectors team can help you in the balancing act to keep the social, economic as well as sustainability criteria optimal.