Seaweeds biology

The SWD Connectors team brings decades of practical, hands-on experience in seaweed cultivation and processing. With backgrounds in biology, biochemistry and agriculture, the team maintains a unique understanding of the biological and practical aspects of seaweed farming and processing. SWD Connectors embraces an international approach and fit to seaweed cultivation. In Europe, for example, we’ve supported teams in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, UK, Faroe Islands and the Baltic region. Our team has also performed projects in North and South America – specifically California and Chile. More recently, we’ve supported efforts in Morocco, Indonesia and Kenya. This array of international projects, allowed to work in fjords, bays, and open ocean environments, as well as in on land operations such as ponds or tanks. Given this experience have garnered extensive knowledge and expertise related to brown, red and green seaweeds across the world.


Seaweed propagation takes place in hatchery facilities that often require sophisticated technologies. SWD Connectors has the necessary background and expertise to help ensure the seaweed receives the right treatment for maximum growth.

Growth and Development

SWD Connectors knows the factors necessary to optimize the growth and development of seeding material. Taking into account local environmental conditions and miscellaneous relevant parameters gathered through small scale trials, our team is able to optimize biomass development.

Diseases and Pathogens

Maintaining healthy, clean cultures represents another critical, yet often overlooked, aspect of seaweed cultivation. SWD Connectors can not only advise on how best to minimize the risk of diseases but can also offer key recommendations should disease outbreaks occur.

Research facilities

SWD Connectors has access to land-based research facilities. Alongside a team of dedicated technicians and scientists, we are ready to tackle specific research questions on propagation, growth and cultivation of your chosen seaweed species.

Test farm facilities

Our team also maintains the ability to execute small-scale trials at open ocean sites. Alternatively, we are happy to perform or guide you in conducting necessary tests at preselected facilities or cultivation sites.